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About This Product

• Buck Comfort's Fitness and Body Sculpting Body combines fitness, stretching and yoga exercises
• Easy to move with rear wheels as well as easy to store for small size
• With a sponge-protected handle for hand comfort and maintaining user balance
• Easy to use the wireless controller
• Rubber rope for stretching exercises, stretching and muscle formation
• Device Benefits:
1. Body sculpting and burning excess fat (the number of speeds of the machine is the secret behind the results of fat burning and body sculpting)

2. Use the device in the position of walking for 10 minutes consume 35 to 45 calories and running for 10 minutes consumes 60 to 90 units of heat either jump rope for ten minutes and consume 75 to 105 units of heat

3. Stimulate blood circulation and restore the activity and vitality of the user
4. Exercise the body on balance and increase muscle strength
5. Relieve joint pain
6. Enhance body consistency and flexibility with 3 automatic programs

(A - Fitness exercise to maintain vitality and / b - Body sculpting exercise to burn fat and body coordination / C - Exercise exercise to decompose convulsions and stimulate blood circulation)

 Country of Origin: China
Warranty: Two years on motor

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