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About This Product

3D massage chair works with human touch technology the same movements of the massage specialist (pressure - payment - methods - rub)
Comprehensive from the top of the neck to the lower back with hands and legs to the soles of the feet
Safe It takes the backs of the user before starting the massage session to suit all users so that the massage is for muscles
  The body only without approaching the spine or vertebrae
It works to massage the body to strengthen muscles, stimulate blood circulation and relieve the body from fatigue and exhaustion
  In addition, it gives activity and vitality to the user and eliminates muscle tension and spasms

This chair features 12 automatic programs, namely:
1- The main program: a quick program that kneads, puts pressure on tense muscles and promotes blood circulation
2- The Queen's Program: By kneading and massaging the shiatsu of the buttocks and thighs, the intensity is gentle and moderate, which helps to restore physical strength and relax the tense muscles.
3- Sports Care Program: Designed specifically for athletes and fitness
4 - The gentle program: suitable for the elderly and children. It depends on the massage with the airbag in the lightest way to relieve back pain and leg cramps for the elderly.
5 - Deep Shiatsu Program: Performs three-dimensional massage forward and backward from top to buttocks in addition to airbags oblique to the entire body
6 - Desktop Program: Mid-density full body massage, focusing on neck and shoulder massages
7 - The stretching and stretching program: helps to relieve pressure from the vertebrae and muscle softness and reduce muscle tension and spasms, usually preferred by athletes.
8 - Evening program: The chair adjusts to the angle of zero gravity and begins with gentle massage with rollers and airbags to give you maximum relaxation to start deep sleep
9 - Spa Program: Full airbag massage and rollers with focus on foot rolls, 3D mechanism remains in gentle massage mode
10 - Neck and Shoulders Program: A full body massage with a focus on the shoulder and neck of moderate severity, aimed at relaxing muscles and relieving pain
11 - The lower back and buttocks program: focuses on back and buttock massages with medium strength rollers and airbags to relieve back and waist pain
12 - Activity program and vitality: focuses on massage the waist and hip with light strength rolls, twisting and hip with air bags at the same time to strengthen the muscles of the trunk.

Chair features:
- Angle of zero gravity in two levels, it is intended for individual vertebrae of the spine as an individual, thus reducing pressure on the vertebrae, cartilage and nerve roots, it is recommended for those who have spine problems or excess weight
- It does not need more than 5 cm of space behind the chair and thus you save space because the chairs usually need more than 60 cm to return the backrest to the back
- Side control panel to operate the chair and control the angle of relaxation
- Side speakers that can be heard through Bluetooth music after pairing with mobile or iPad
Provided in both Arabic and English languages ​​to facilitate access to the required programs
- The heating feature of the back area, as it helps to smooth blood flow in the body
- Control the timing of the massage session from 5 minutes to 30 minutes
- Side illumination to give complete relaxation and beautiful luster for the chair
USB port to charge mobile phone or IBAN
- Hidden wheels for easy movement of the chair
Country of Origin: China
Warranty: Three years on engine
Powered by an electric cord
AC 100-240 V
50-60 GHZ
200 W

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