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Handy Massager-Spinex

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About This Product

The body massager of Buck Comfort helps to stimulate the user's blood circulation
_ Lightweight, compact and easy to use with a simple control panel to determine the required massage power
Equipped with a comfortable handle for easy use
مز External head cover for massage head for easy cleaning

_ Product Features:
_ This device provides remarkable performance and work on the muscles of your body to relieve muscle tension and remove tension and tiredness and fatigue

_ The head of different massage, one of the muscles of the surface and the second of deep muscles

_ Headset makes you in perfect condition of activity and vitality and enhances your energy level and keeps you in constant activity.
The second head is a gentle massage massage that helps to relieve muscle cramps and a feeling of total relaxation
- The heating feature provided in the device helps to burn fat and rid the body of excess fluid and stimulate blood circulation in the body

_ Country of Origin: China

_ Warranty: two years on the motor

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