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Reflexology Sleeper - M

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About This Product

• Walking barefoot on the gravel is considered as a massage session and foot massage, so the shoes developed Reflexology
• Made of natural stones depends on the principle of reflex of the soles of the foot and helps to stimulate the blood circulation of the body
• Available in different sizes and colors to suit all tastes
• Lightweight and easy to store
• Benefits of walking barefoot on pebbles
1. Maintain body balance, increase activity and mobility.
2. Reduce blood pressure.
3. Stimulate the liver, colon, skin, and lungs, to perform their important functions, and facilitate the expulsion of toxins from outside the body.
4. Help the affected organs to heal, and eliminate clots or the effects of infection.
5. Discharge the body from excess electrical charges from foot to gravel, thus feeling more comfortable and relaxed.
6. Strengthen the body's immunity and activate blood circulation
7. Activate the sweat glands below the feet, strengthening the muscles of the feet and legs.
8. Treatment of varicose veins and foot pain.
9. Get rid of chronic fatigue and laziness, and give your body energy naturally

 Country of Origin: China

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