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Legs & Foot massager

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About This Product

• Enjoy the massage of the feet and legs with human touch technology with the Entweet device, which features full foot massage including the introduction of the fingers, legs and knee, as well as the thigh area
• Health programs have been added:
1 - program (Riflkalslogi): an ancient Chinese reflex medicine aims to pump blood from the soles of the foot to all members of the body to help the activity and vitality
2 - Knee program: It is concerned with the massage of the legs and knees with airbags and rolls with the possibility of lifting the upper section to become a massage for the thighs
3 - Vibratory vibration program: preferred by those who want a massage helps him to relax completely without the work of rolls or airbags (can be added to previous programs)
• It features a warm knee area to help stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle spasms.
• Light weight and easy to use
Foot massage is one of the most important treatments used by humans since ancient times to the present time to get rid of many health problems, especially physical stress and aches that affect the area of ​​the feet specifically
• Foot massage is one of the best treatments to eliminate insomnia and sleep disorders. It helps the body relax and relax
• Helps stimulate blood circulation in the body, relieves feelings of tiredness and physical fatigue and eliminates laziness and inactivity
• Increases the body's ability to move, as it increases blood flow to the muscles of the foot and legs, improves mood, eliminates depression and negative emotions, and increases the efficiency of mental abilities, including concentration, understanding and comprehension
• Addresses the problems of headaches, especially migraines, and reduces the symptoms associated with problems of the spine and muscles and joints, where it increases the loneliness and handles in a record time
• Promotes blood flow to cells and tissues of the body
• Reduces the level of fat in the blood and thus expels all toxins and wastes from the body, and increases its immune capacity
• Relieves acids that cause body spasm
• Protects ankle problems
• Relieves the pain of rheumatism reduces the possibility of exposure to the problem of water retention and fluids in the body, which causes swelling and swelling, which adversely affect the health of the body in general

Country of Origin: China
Warranty: Two years on motor

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