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Lift Chair

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About This Product

  • Relaxing chair and stand assist (electric) for long periods of time
  • This chair features a wooden frame and a very strong metal base
  • Luxurious fabric with soft padding that ensures comfortable, healthy and supportive spine support
  • The chair design takes into account and helps to streamline the movement of the blood circulation in the body and legs by lifting the footrest and back the backrest
  • The comfort angle can be selected when lifting the footrest and relaxing with the backrest back with an easy-to-use electric control
  • With powerful engines that help the user stand up and sit without embarrassment by asking for help from others
  • With 3 extra covers can be placed on the armrests and neckrest

Chair Features:

  1. Lift the footrest with an electric controller to help ease the fluid pool with legs and feel comfortable
  2. Return the backrest electrically to relax fully and smoothly in the circulation of blood circulation
  3. Helping stand relieves pressure on the joints especially the knees and lower back to ease the effort on the user
  4. Helps sit down to ensure safe and healthy seating especially for the elderly or those with health problems
  5. Suitable for long periods of time for watching TV and reading while enjoying full comfort
  6. Easy jaw and installation and transport
  • Warranty: 15 years on the metal movement , And two years on filling and cloth , and three years on the motor
  • Country of Origin: USA

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