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About This Product

• Back reflex system to relieve pressure on the spine and vertebrae
• Safe and easy to use device
• Spongy backing for the back, hands and feet to feel more comfortable when doing the exercise
• Envelope with luxurious leather to give the most beautiful shape on the device
• It weighs up to 120 kg
• Device Benefits:
1 - Designed to use gravity to relieve pressure on the spine
2. Relieves the pressure of the lower back, nerve roots and cartilage by reversing gravity, which reduces the pressure of the vertebrae and relaxes the nerves
3 - correct the imbalance after exercise and stretching muscles and remove cramps
4 - remove headaches by pushing blood from the feet towards the head
5 - activate the movement of blood circulation in the body
6. Exercise the body on balance and increase muscle strength
7. Enhance body consistency and flexibility

 Country of Origin: China

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