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Massage Chair Entuit 6

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About This Product

- Massage chair Entuit 6 with human touch technology Same as the movements of the massage specialist (pressure - payment - roads - Aldalk)

- Comprehensive body massage from the top of the neck to the lower back with hands and legs to the soles of the feet

- Safe takes the dimensions of the user back before starting the massage session to suit all users so that the massage of the muscles

  Body only without getting close to the vertebrae or vertebrae

- Massage the body to strengthen the muscles and activates the circulation of the blood circulation and saves the body from fatigue and fatigue

  In addition, it gives active activity to the user and removes muscle tension and convulsions

- Made of luxury leather

- With earphones that can be combined with music via Bluetooth

- The device features side lighting

- Modern and elegant shape

Six main programs are available:

1 - Higher body program: focuses on massage the neck and shoulders helps to decipher convulsions and collisions resulting from the uses of mobile and computer

2 - Bottom of the session: depends on massage the muscles of the lower back to strengthen them and helps protect the user from sliding cartilage and disc

3 - morning program: It stimulates the stimulation of muscles and helps the user to start an active and lively day

4 - Evening program: Interested in muscle massage gentle massage and thus helps to relax completely and prefer to use before going to sleep

5 - Program activity and vitality: It is an intensive massage of tired muscles and is usually recommended for use after muscle effort

6 - Comprehensive program: a comprehensive massage session of the programs of the chair and one usually preferred by those looking for a quick massage and does not have enough time to use the previous programs

Additional Software:

- There are two programs can be stored so that the user can store the mechanism of massage with the choice of a place of massage either for a specific muscle or section of the back or full back and control the level of strength and the level of air pressure in airbags and the position of sitting in the chair and storage to be a program of his own

Chair Features:

• Zero gravitational angle is assigned to individual vertebral vertebrae and thus relieves pressure on vertebrae, cartilage and nerve roots

It is recommended for those with spinal problems or extra weight

• Easy to use side control panel

• With the requirements of modern technology and the need for users to charge mobile phones and iPad has been provided with a USB port

• Does not need space behind the chair more than 5 cm. This saves space because reclliners usually need more than 60 cm to return the backrest back

• Run the heating of the back area where it helps to streamline the movement of blood in the body

• With rear wheels for easy chair movement

• Three years warranty on the Motor

• Country of Origin: China

  • AC 220 V
  • 60GHZ
  • 150 W

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