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Big Recliner Chair ( Electric )

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About This Product

comfortable chair for long periods of time through soft, supportive backing to the back and neckrest

 _ With the possibility of raising the footrest and return back to the corners as desired by the user side panel

Raising the footrest helps move fluid and salts from the legs and feet

Returning the backrest helps smooth circulation

_ Supplied with a neck, electrically controlled, up, down, front and back, depending on the user's preferred position

_ With the requirements of modern technology has been added to the USB port to charge your mobile or your iPad

_ In addition to two side pads (under the armrests) to put your own needs such as mobile, TV remote, books, etc.

- The chair structure is made of solid wood

- _ Made of luxurious fabric

Chair Features:

Large size chair fits all weights and sizes

Suitable for watching TV, reading and games (PlayStation)

Easy jaw, installation and transport

Warranty : 10 years on the Metal movement , One year on Foam and Fabric , and 3 years on the electric motor

Country of Origin: China

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