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Massage Chair Entuit

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About This Product

  • A massage Chair Entuit 10  with human touch technology same as the movements of the massage fertilizer (pressure - push - knock- knead).
  • Note five cross-sectional BCs
  • Body only without approaching the general
  • Massage the body to strengthen muscles and activate movement
  • In addition, it is aware of the work and vitality of the user and removes muscle tension and convulsions
  • This chair is characterized by eight major programs:
  • Relaxation program: depends on the method of massage with airbags simultaneously to fatigue and relieve tension
  • Body Relaxation Program: Designed specifically to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, which helps to stretch back and relax muscles
  • re-activity program: massage in the form of pressure on the back muscle with massage pulleys and airbags for the hands and legs and soles of the foot to the fingertips
  • muscle flexibility program: helps to decipher the dissection and muscle stiffness
  • Air-conditioned: The chair is distinguished by 78 airbags for a good taste (massage only with airbags without massage rollers)
  • Fatigue preparation program: This program focuses on the tired muscles tired and massage more than the rest of the muscles, the result is recommended in the program after the performance of strong muscle
  • Program rhythm: Advanced program The amount of synchronization of the movement of massage rolls with music merged with it
  • a comprehensive body massage program: a program that specializes in the latest one.
  • Additional Software:
  • Massage programs can be stored that can be somewhat limited for selection or testing.
  • Chair Features:
  • Show the second gene
  • Hide or lose
  • Save space
  • Surrounded speakers the music can be heard by the system after the mobile phone or the iPad
  • Ability to control the shoulder strap to suit all people in exchange for neck pain relief
  • Run the heating of the back area, which helps to streamline the movement of blood in the body
  • You can download a special application on APP or Android that can be controlled by the chair mechanism of your mobile or iPad
  • Hold the box for 5 minutes to 40 minutes
  • Four-wheeled crossover for easy chair movement
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Warranty: Three years on the Motor
  • AC 220 V
  • 60GHZ
  • 240 W

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