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Massage Chair- Dream wave

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About This Product

A massage machine with the same human touch technique (insects) (pressure - push - knock- knead).


- Note five transverse dimensions BC

Body only without approaching the general

- Massage the body to strengthen muscles and activate the movement

It also gives the user a revelation and removes muscle tension and convulsions

There are 8 programs in the chair that distinguish it from the rest of the chairs:

1 - Main program: full body massage balls (with all massage movements) with airbags at once

2 - morning program: depends on massage stimulates the muscles and by helping the person to start an active and vital day

3 - Evening Program: Depends on gentle massage and countryside that gives users complete relaxation before bedtime

4 - Program flexibility: helps to decipher the anatomy and stiffness of the muscles and results in the back vertebrae and elasticity of the muscles of the entire body

5 - Pneumatic program: The chair is characterized by 102 airbags amazing discounts (training only with airbags without massage rollers)

6 - Youth Program: This chair is unique in allocating a program for those who are 14 years old and joined the football player

7 - The Scout Program: It is directly dedicated to the triceps of the lower back and trunk through the stabilizer

8 - Comprehensive program: a comprehensive massage session for the programs of the chair and one preferred by those looking for a quick massage and does not have enough time for the previous tools

Chair Features:

• Its large size varies and fits all people up to receives by the shoulders to increase the width

• Pillow of credit between us and one of them

• Run the heating of the back area that helps to stimulate the circulation of the body

• Vibrating massage shaver is ideal for meeting him

• Easy to use the controller

• With rear wheels for easy movement

• 4 years warranty on Motor

Country of Origin: Japan

AC 220-240 V


208 W


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